Van Otis Truffles : A New England Holiday Tradition December 09 2014

For over 35 years, our handmade chocolates have been a feature of many families' holiday celebrations. Whether placed under the Christmas tree or stuffed in a stocking, Van Otis Truffles are sure to warm the heart of every chocolate lover on your list.

According to one of our customers, “I remember always finding a small box of Van Otis in my stocking. And then I'd go to my friend's house and see that she'd only gotten some chocolate bar from the grocery store or something. I always felt kinda bad for her!”

You'll also be happy to know that Van Otis's chocolates are exactly the same as they used to be: We've never changed our recipe or skimped on the ingredients. It's the same as it ever was. Relive your magical childhood memories with our smooth and delicious chocolates each and every year and pass the tradition on to your children!

For those all those who remember getting Van Otis chocolates as a kid, please share your stories with us!